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Child Endangerment Defense Attorney in Tennessee

If you are charged with Child Endangerment

if you are driving with children in your vehicle, it is automatically expected that you will take the utmost responsibility to ensure their safety.  With this understood, Tennessee laws are severe for anyone violating these laws.  In Tennessee The Law, states that operating with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher while driving with a child ages fourteen or younger in the car is a misdemeanor.  Punishment for this crime can be severe,  including jail time and penalties.  You will face two different charges, the child endangerment charges as well as the DUI charges. First offenders may lose their license for one year, while second and subsequent offenders may lose their license for three years.  As is obvious, these are very serious charges, requiring the necessity of find an aggressive DUI Defense Attorney from Tennessee.  Contact Marcos M. Garza and his professional team of skilled staff right away to handle these serious charges.

Lawyer for Child Endangerment Charges in Tennessee

There are various reasons why you may be charged with Child Endangerment; however there may be a variety of defenses that can be used to prevent a conviction.  Were you merely taking your prescribed medication and were not aware of the side effects?  Did having one drink while taking your legally prescribed medication cause an unusual reaction?  Marcos Garza is a knowledgeable DUI Defense Lawyer know how to successfully present any and all defenses to fight your charges.  Just because you suffer a Child Endangerment arrest doesn't mean that you have to suffer the conviction.  

Contact an Experienced Knoxville, TN DUI Defense Attorney.

As in all driving related criminal cases, the best results are obtained when you call a Tennessee lawyer who is dedicated to handling Tennessee DUI, Tennessee Vehicular Assault and other driving cases as soon as possible.  Call toll free at 888-DUI-CALL (888-384-2255) or locally in the greater Knoxville area at 865-540-8300 as soon as possible.  

We can also provide you with information and assistance with the following situations you may run into in defending your DUI charges:

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