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Knoxville, Tennessee DUI attorneys serving clients throughout Tennessee, MOST ALL COUNTIES and CITIES in TENNESSEE including: Alcoa • Anderson County • Athens • Blount County • Campbell County • Claiborne County • Clinton • Cocke County •Grainger County• Jefferson City • Jefferson County • Knoxville • Knox County • Lenoir City • Loudon County • Maryville •McMinn County • Newport • Oak Ridge • Roane County • Sevierville • Sevier County • Gatlinburg • Pigeon Forge • Union County Bledsoe County • Bradley County • Chattanooga • Cleveland • Marion County • Monroe County • Polk County • Sequatchie County

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Marcos M. Garza

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DUI Lawyer in Knoxville, TN

Knoxville DUI Defense & Criminal Defense Lawyer

Protecting the Future of those Accused

At The Garza Law Firm, PLLC, our lawyers represent those accused of criminal offenses building a formidable defense necessary to protect their rights within the criminal justice system. Our firm passionately believes that it must be the prosecutions obligation to meet its burden of proof within the limits imposed by the judicial system.

Our criminal attorneys have extensive practical knowledge at all levels of state and federal criminal courts throughout the state of Tennessee and therefore are respected by judges and prosecutors in the criminal justus system as professional advocates. If you have been charged or currently being investigated for any criminal offence you need to consult with a skilled Tennessee criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Please contact our Knoxville office and schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation.

Our Knoxville, Tennessee criminal defense lawyers provide defense against crimes including:

Drug crimes: Defense against charges including trafficking, distribution, possession, transportation, possession for sale, marijuana cultivation and manufacturing, and involving cocaine, methamphetamine, and unauthorized use of prescription drugs.

Drunk Driving / DWI defense - Attorneys at our firm will work to protect your future and your right to own and operate a vehicle also protect you from an unnecessary jail sentence and fine.

Violent offenses: Criminal defense against charges including assault, battery, burglary, domestic violence, murder, vehicular manslaughter, stalking, manslaughter, kidnapping, robbery, arson, carjacking, and hit and run

White collar criminal defense against charges including antitrust, environmental, Medicare / Medicaid fraud, embezzlement, perjury, fraud, money laundering, larceny, wire fraud, mail fraud, bankruptcy fraud, theft, forgery, credit card fraud, extortion, internet theft, computer hacking, computer theft and computer fraud

DUI Lawyer in Knoxville, TN

Our Commitment as Tennessee Criminal Defense Attorneys

As criminal defense lawyers, we understand that our clients are putting their future in our hands. As your legal counsel, we will work closely with you by explaining and discussing your options and helping you make decisions determined by your personal objectives and likely results.

Aggressive Trial Representation

Many criminal cases can be resolved through negotiations between a skilled criminal attorney and a government prosecutor. However , not all cases can or should be resolved with that approach. Our attorneys have the experience with pretrial motion practice, suppression hearings, and jury trials to determine when to go to trial and ways to provide an aggressive and successful defense.

If you are confronting criminal charges, it is essential that before discussing your situation with any individual, including law enforcement, prosecutors, as well as friends, you seek legal counsel. Contact our Knoxville criminal defense firm to make arrangements for a free consultation with a criminal law lawyer.

“I am most impressed with Marcos' dedication, and personal attentiveness to the case. He saved my career. ”