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Hiring a Tennessee DUI Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

What to Look for in a DUI Lawyer

In recent years, the practice of DUI has become an area of law where many attorneys have begun marketing themselves. With the continual push by policy-makers to create tougher penalties for DUI and other drinking related criminal offenses, the need for people to hire a lawyer has, understandably, become greater.

As a result, many lawyers believe that the practice of DUI is a way to make a quick buck. This is a misconception. Although just about any lawyer can walk someone into court and plead them guilty and obtain the minimum sentence on a DUI, most people would rather have a lawyer that will complete a thorough investigation of their case in an attempt to find anything that may enable them to successfully defend their Tennessee DUI charge and maintain their driving privileges.

Some things to consider when hiring a Tennessee DUI lawyer include, but are not limited to the following:

1) What kind of track record does my lawyer have in handling these cases?

2) How often does he or she handle Tennessee DUI cases?

3) Does my lawyer regularly attend any Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in the area of DUI law?

4) What steps does my lawyer take in handling a Tennessee DUI?

5) Does my lawyer conduct a thorough investigation and what does that investigation include?

6) Is a significant portion of my lawyer’s legal practice devoted to Tennessee DUI defense?

7) Is my lawyer willing to discuss the details of my DUI case with me at length?

8) Is my lawyer interested in me and the facts of my case?

9) How long is the lawyer willing to spend with me discussing my Tennessee DUI? (We find that in most cases, it takes at least and hour to obtain all of the facts relevant to successfully defending your Tennessee DUI).

10) Am I comfortable with my lawyer? -Many DUI cases take several months or even a year to conclude. (You should hire a lawyer that you feel comfortable working with on your case).

Contact an Experienced Knoxville, TN DUI Defense Attorney.

As in all criminal defense cases, the best results are obtained when you call a Tennessee lawyer who is dedicated to handling Tennessee DUI, Tennessee Vehicular Assault and other criminal defense matter as soon as possible.  Call toll free at 888-DUI-CALL (888-384-2255) or locally in the greater Knoxville area at 865-540-8300 as soon as possible.  

We can also provide you with information and assistance with the following situations you may run into in defending your DUI charges:

“This was my first experience with anything like this and Mr. Garza walked me through every step of the process. ”